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Balloon Sinoplasty

The First Balloon Sinuplasty Live Surgery Workshop


The First Balloon Sinuplasty Workshop was held by Rhinology Research Society and STP. After scientific lectures, the balloon sinuplasty operation by Dr. Mohsen Naraghi was projecting live in the conference hall while it was seen live via the website of the Rhinology Research Society. Since March 2007, the safety of Balloon Sinuplasty has been officially verified by the American Academy of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery Foundation which declared that the evidence regarding the safety of Balloon Sinuplasty has been supportive, and Sinuplasty is a promising technique for treatment of selected cases or rhinosinusitis. This new method enables surgeons to treat selected patients with chronic nose and sinus disorders as an alternative to more invasive nose and sinus surgeries by other methods.
Based on statistics, chronic nasal and sinus problems are among the most common chronic diseases and many people suffer from different types of these disorders which have harmed their personal and social quality of life.

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